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Asia Development & Property Technology (ADAPT) Ventures reaches across the real estate industry by bringing in the latest technological solutions to society. Proudly part of the billion dollar PropTech revolution, ADAPT aims at improving quality of life and enhancing the livelihood of homeowners while providing cutting edge solutions without losing the human element.

ADAPT engages prospective buyers and existing homeowners as well as agents in the industry with interactive presentations and immersive content using latest 3D, Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality technology to enhance automate and enhance the sales process in real estate. Taking a leaf out of its counterparts’ books spread across Europe and the United States of America, ADAPT exercises a strong hold on PropTech for the Asian region.

ADAPT’s mission is to supercharge entrepreneurs involved in PropTech regionally with a suitable platform that links the suitable service providers to suitable consumer groups within the property market.

Our Collective Objective

ADAPT’s main objectives are to increase volume of investment in technology for property, increase inclusivity of all sectors within the industry and last but not least, create a positively disruptive impact in the real estate industry that will revolutionise the way we buy and sell property. Ultimately, ADAPT aims to play a colossal role in aiding the development of Asia’s property front through technology.

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