Android 11’s new update integrates smart phone with the smart home

Android 11 is expected to roll out toward the end of 2020; however the public beta has been launched in early June 2020. The first public Android 11 beta is only available for Google Pixel 2 handsets or newer models.

One of the main features that stand out for the Android 11 is the Device Controls API, where users will be able to access and control their connected devices in an easy manner by long pressing the power button.

In earlier previews of Android 11, there was a “Quick Controls” section underneath the row of power menu items up top while the rest of the power menu is transparent.

The Quick Controls section allows you to easily control your Smart Home’s IoT devices, which means you can quickly turn on and off lights, dim the brightness, lock doors, control the air-conditioning, music and others around the house. You will be able to control your devices even before you have entered your home, provided that you have the respective smart home equipment installed.

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For the previous version, users will need to manually open the Google Home app on their mobile devices and change settings from there. With the new Quick Controls menu, the whole process is going to be significantly more convenient than the previous system.

The new controls will auto-populate according to which ones you use frequently, but you can change which controls are shown and what order they’re available. The inclusion of the Device Controls feature is almost like having a physical remote to control your smart home, providing you with a seamless and convenient experience in managing your IoT devices in your home.

Technology is undoubtedly evolving at a fast-paced, who would have thought that you could control the lighting, smart speakers and other devices all from your smart phones.

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