Mitsubishi Electric develops In-Building Mobilities technology that controls mobile robots

On February 4th 2020, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation said that it has developed a new In-Building Mobilities technology for controlling mobile robots that are used for cleaning, security, delivery and guidance, as well as next-generation electric wheelchairs.

This international company developed the new technology using its proprietary three-dimensional map for buildings, which illustrate the status of building facilities, location of mobility devices and passable routes.

With this dynamic map on their grounds, building management can realize smooth interaction between connected devices, such as robots, as well as building facilities, such as elevators and access control systems.

On top of that, the map can be used to control the movements of various In-Building Mobilities in the building. Whenever the In-Building Mobilities use elevators or pass by each other in narrow aisles, the system automatically gives them the best routes to avoid hitting the other In-Building Mobilities, entering restricted areas or boarding crowded elevators.

Moreover, when passing through an access-control gate, the system uses the map to prioritise the movements of people as well as to avoid collisions.

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The system also pinpoints the locations of In-Building Mobilities, including when they will need to be repaired by recording the operations of elevators as well as the In-Building Mobilities to visualise each unit’s location on the map, which will lessen building-management staffs’ workloads.

Animated lighting is displayed on the floors in front of elevators to help people foresee the movements of In-Building Mobilities that are getting on and off the elevators, allowing people to smoothly go in and out of elevators.

Other than that, the lighting is displayed as In-Building Mobilities move in other areas; allowing people to pass safely even in narrow passageways or in poor visibility.

As an effort to advance in the future, Mitsubishi Electric will carry on developing this technology, working together with developers and mobility manufacturers, targeting to launch a commercial service in 2021.

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