JD.com launches country’s first 5G-powered IIoT logistics park in Beijing

China’s largest e-commerce retailer JD.com has launched the country’s first 5G-powered smart logistics park in Beijing. This launch aligns with the company’s strategy to pair 5G networks with IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) applications across its supply chain.

With the use of IoT technology, companies can increase the safety and security of warehouses by detecting anything amiss with the internal operations.

“The launch of our 5G-powered smart logistics park in Beijing – the first of its kind – is an exciting step in the realisation of IIoT at scale,” said Wenming Zhe, Chief Architect of Logistics R&D, Head of 5G-powered smart logistics park projects at JD Logistics.

Zhe added, “The low latency, high speed and ability to support a broad spectrum of simultaneous connections provided by 5G networks, creates an unprecedented level of real-time connectivity, significantly improving the efficiency of JD’s fulfilment operations, which is key to providing the best customer service in the business.”

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The warehouse facility has implemented a monitoring system that will detect and analyse any problems taking place in the warehouse in real-time. Besides that, the technology will enable real-time monitoring of location and routes for forklifts and pallets and provides alerts if anything irregular happens.

The automated pallet monitoring is anticipated to drastically increase efficiency if compared to the traditional manual monitoring that was done previously.

“Furthermore, through smart parking, incoming vehicles are guided to the most appropriate parking space or docking bay. And the digital docking bay enables real-time monitoring when goods are being loaded onto the trucks,” the company said.

These innovations are just the beginning of JD’s plans to utilise 5G technology. In the future, 5G-powered IIoT will drive a range of further applications across JD’s logistics operations.

JD expects to apply 5G and IIoT throughout its network of logistics parks, allowing for reliable and dependable robot-to-robot communication that requires minimal human intervention thus further improving their operations.

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