Top telco companies collaborate to accelerate 5G adoption in Malaysia

Celcom Axiata Bhd and Maxis Bhd signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on 25th November 2019 to explore a potential collaboration for efficient deployment of Malaysia’s 5G infrastructure, further supporting the development of the nation’s digital ecosystem.

The collaboration will also allow both companies to explore possible business opportunities related to 5G key strategic areas to deliver the best 5G innovation to benefit the people and businesses in Malaysia.

This potential partnership focuses on the joint deployment of 5G infrastructure that will cover certain areas. Maxis and Celcom will continue to maintain its own network whilst remaining competitive in other areas.

Chief Executive Officer of Celcom Idham Nawawi said that the company believes in collaboration being the best way forward. “Working with Maxis to explore a more coordinated 5G deployment in Malaysia is something we are excited about.”

With 5G being the next technology that will transform how people work and play, Idham emphasizes the opportunities for a more improved consumer experience as well as creating new opportunities for consumers, students, governments and businesses.

“Our potential collaboration will pave the way for the delivery of a world-class 5G network, on top of our existing 4G and 3G/2G networks, to every Malaysian, realizing a truly digital Malaysia in the IR4.0 era,” he said.

Chief Executive Officer of Maxis Gokhan Ogut highlighted the existing relationship between both companies in welcoming the 5G network sharing opportunity. “We are already sharing towers, fiber and working together on connectivity for rural areas and USP projects. This helps us save resources and accelerate rollout.”

Furthermore, Gokhan also feels the same way as he sees the partnership as an opportunity for Maxis to deliver more value to its customers.

“Such industry collaboration is important in supporting Malaysia’s ambition in driving the digital economy,” he said.

The potential collaboration between Maxis and Celcom supports Malaysia’s ambition in driving the digital economy and ecosystem, helps to bring down costs and improves overall efficiency for both parties which will result in a faster rollout and better experience of 5G for consumers and businesses.

Both companies started their 5G journey around the same time which is more than two years ago. It started with assessing the technology and conducting demo trials, then proceeded to both the companies moving on to full-fledged 5G live trials, at the same time upgrading their core network is becoming more agile to respond to technology advancements.

For this year both companies have been ramping up 5G live trials with partners, participating in 5G showcases to increase awareness about 5G network to the public, and collaborating with technology partners to accelerate 5G deployment in Malaysia.

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