Juwai.com gateway for Chinese buyers to acquire international properties

Juwai.com is the leading Chinese international property platform that advertises properties for sale from popular cities worldwide. The platform is also the exclusive international property partner of Tencent, the Chinese internet giant that operates WeChat.

Juwai.com reaches across more than 3.1 million Chinese-speaking users monthly and showcases 2.8 million listings from over 90 countries.

According to Juwai.com Chairman Georg Chmiel, around US$4 trillion (RM16.4 trillion) worth of properties were featured on the website while some RM9.5 billion worth of properties across major locations in Malaysia were transacted through the online platform in 2018.

“Historically, the most popular markets for Chinese buyers have been the US, Australia and the UK. Due to political reasons, Brexit, trade war, legislation in Australia which puts a higher stamp duty on foreign buyers, there have been some shifts and new markets have emerged, such as Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam, or in general, Southeast Asia,” said Chmiel.

As for incoming inquiries on Juwai.com, 80% are between the RM1 million to RM2 million price range, 10% within RM2 million to RM4 million and 8% for properties valued higher than RM4 million.

In addition, for Malaysia he said most of the properties purchased by Chinese investors are situated in Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Johor, Malacca and Sabah, majority of the properties being residential and one-fifth consisting of industrial, commercial and retail properties.

The advantage of listing properties on Juwai.com is that customers will be able to gain great exposure from Chinese buyers as well as provide potential buyers with fast access to the listings.

Property portals or websites not hosted in China might be blocked or experience longer page load times which will ultimately drive customers away. Juwai.com has a way around it as it hosts on both sides of the Firewall so customers no longer have to worry about the visibility of their property listings.

Juwai.com was named the top international real estate website in China by the country’s peak e-commerce body for two consecutive years and is the winner of the Red Herring Global Top 100 Award for excellence in startups. The company’s headquarters are in Shanghai and Hong Kong. Regional teammates are located in the U.S., the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, and Australia.

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