G3 Global signed MoU with SenseTime and CHEC to build Malaysia’s first AI Park

According to a recent study by Microsoft and IDC Asia Pacific, only 26% of organizations in Malaysia have embarked on their Artificial Intelligence (AI) journeys, even though about 70% of the business leaders polled had agreed that AI is instrumental to their organizations’ competitiveness.

AI has been making strides in multiple organizations across the world, however the adoption rate for organizations in Malaysia have been low.

On 26th April 2019, G3 Global Bhd announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with SenseTime Group Ltd and China Harbour Engineering Company Ltd (CHEC) to set up the first AI Park in Malaysia.

G3 Global stated that the park will be a platform for the development of AI solutions in areas of computer vision, speech recognition, natural language and humanoid robots.

As the local partner, G3 Global will coordinate efforts with the Malaysian authorities and regulators to form partnerships as well as promote and develop the AI park project.

China-based SenseTime Group Ltd is one of the world’s most valuable AI start-up. Based on SenseTime’s website, the startup is leading the AI market in vertical industries such as smart city, smartphone, mobile Internet, online entertainment, automobile, finance and retail.

SenseTime Group’s role is to provide G3 Global with its industry expertise and knowledge which includes technology and technical support, products and technology training and periodic updates on new technologies.

CHEC will provide infrastructure engineering, construction services, as well as management and maintenance of the park.

According to G3 Global’s Executive Chairman Wan Khalik Wan Muhammad, the AI Park is crucial to building an AI research-related public service infrastructure which will become a base to promote AI technology in Malaysia.

With the development of the AI Park in Malaysia, both parties will be able to reap great benefits. SenseTime Group is able to increase its global presence while G3 Global gets to expand the AI scene in Malaysia.

“With IoT as our core business, the only logical next move was to get into the field of AI. We had been in search for a good partner to fast-track out entry into AI, which has a high entry barrier,” Wan Khalik said.

Furthermore, the partnership will also bring about changes that are prominent to the talent development of the technology sector.

Wan Khalik said, “First is that the lab will become an education tool to showcase what AI is all about and the benefits it brings. Second is the fact that we intend to address the issue of developing talent in Malaysia in the AI space.”

He further elaborated, “The good news is that the Malaysian government has expressed strong interest in AI and it wants the industry to get involved in AI. But we need to invest in building up the talent in this field.”

In the future, SenseTime Group has plans to assist in the development and deployment of training syllabus for universities in Malaysia.

SenseTime Group has prior experience in this as they have designed and developed part of the AI syllabus that is currently being taught in schools across China.

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