Property Management made easy with Enertiv 360

Technological advancements in the property sector have been growing steadily over the last 10 years. This has resulted in an increased popularity surrounding the topic of smart buildings.

Enertiv, an award-winning New York-based company provides a platform for streamlining building operations digitally which in turn produces smart buildings.

Late last year, Enertiv unveiled their latest technological solution called Enertiv 360, which creates a digital twin of every machine or piece of equipment involved in maintaining a building’s environment.

Enertiv 360 embeds real-time sensor data into 3D visualizations to create an up-to-date digital replica of the mechanical and electrical infrastructure within large commercial buildings, and is built specifically to be scaled within existing portfolios regardless of the age of building systems, contrary to other digital twin technologies.

Connell McGill, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Enertiv said, “Enertiv 360 is the culmination of our vision to transform building data into asset value by empowering every stakeholder like the owners, managers, engineers, and on-site staff – with actionable, data-driven insights.”

The system has more than 3 billion hours of machine data collected using the Enertiv platform. The data consists of performance hours for specific operations of a wide range of equipment, from elevators and boilers to even cooling systems.

Using the data collected, the system has the ability to identify operational efficiencies for saving energy while also predicting problems before a breakdown and alerting the problem to relevant authorities in real-time.

Enertiv deploys targeted packages of sensors to track the building systems and outputs. These sensors are set up in buildings such as hotels, warehouses, commercial properties and residential high-rises.

Furthermore, the installed sensors are able to track the performance of all the equipments thus helping to keep the operating costs down. Building owners and operators can save significant costs related to maintenance, repairs and utilities.

The data on Enertiv’s platform offer greater transparency into equipment operation, by suggesting maintenance recommendations.

McGill explained, “You will be able to see how each piece of equipment or each critical asset that makes up your building’s infrastructure is performing compared to your direct competitors in a specific geography.”

He said, “That’s not only going to help you focus your capital investments to fine-tune your operation, it will also influence the technologies that you’re adopting and the return you can expect from those investments.”

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