FazWaz : Rising Property Startup Plans to Branch out to Dubai and Vietnam

Over the past few years, more and more e-commerce sites have been emerging and gaining traction. With the trend of businesses going online, it would only make sense for property portals to do the same.

FazWaz, a Phuket start-up property company has announced its overseas expansion on 2nd May 2019. They plan to stand out from their competitors by transforming Thailand’s property market with a data-driven property portal.

The company provides an easy access to the largest selection of newly-built condominiums, on a platform that aims to simplify the process of searching and choosing a property to purchase.

Their platform offers an easy way for property owners to list and sell properties, in addition to following through on the many pieces of complex transactional data that occur throughout the transaction process.

Paul Trayman, FazWaz’s Chief Operating Officer said, “All the current portals in Thailand are a mash-up of listings – in many cases duplicated, with unreliable data from multiple agents or owners.”

He explained, “FazWaz controls and verifies the data entered into it. We are providing tools, analytics and market data to make the market more transparent and educate consumers to help them make more informed buying decisions.”

FazWaz is currently generating more than 9,000 new buyers for the Thailand market per month. Plus, its agent network having grown 100% in the last 6 months.

According to FazWaz’s Chief Executive Officer Brennan Campbell, “FazWaz is continuing to build an end-to-end technology platform that services agents and their clients through every step of the real estate journey.”

FazWaz is trying to disrupt the real estate business with technology in emerging markets. What makes them stand out from other property portals is that they are looking to tackle a bigger issue which is making the property market more transparent to transact.

The group has now launched its portals across South East Asian countries like Philippines, Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia. They are looking to launch its portal in Dubai and Vietnam next.

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