Experience a hassle-free and smooth renovation process with HKDecoman

We all know that renovating or remodeling a home is a long and strenuous process that takes up a lot of time and requires plenty of planning. However, with services offered by HKDecoman the renovation time can be cut down immensely.

HKDecoman is a marketplace platform that focuses on digitalizing and simplifying the traditional renovation industry.

The Hong Kong-based company offers homeowners engineer-matching and consultancy services by uploading the renovation unit information on their platform. After the information is uploaded, a consultant will then follow-up on the user’s requests within 12 hours adhering to the user’s design preferences, budget, and location.

HKDecoman plans to be the world’s first blockchain-powered online renovation platform in 2019. HKDecoman will also be partnering with Fintech platform MoneySQ.

Blockchain technology and its smart contracts can streamline the multi-phased renovations process onto one ledger.

HKDecoman founder Benny Liu said, “There’s a lot of paperwork throughout the process of renovation. For that reason, smart contracts will be more convenient for both the renovation companies and homeowners.”

Home renovations usually comprise of many phases and as a result a number of amendments may take place after the initial signing of a contract.

With blockchain technology, the challenge of recording each amendment can be easily solved. “If there are add-on changes after the contracts are signed, it has to be made on the smart contract. There will be evidence. It’s simple with no conflicts. So, there won’t be delays in project completion,” said Liu.

Liu explains that the lack of clarifications is one of the main reasons for delays. He believes that the incorruptible ledger will help make the process simple for both renovation companies and homeowners.

For example, if there are conflicts regarding changes that affect the initial plan, users can refer to the ledger for clarifications.

He said, “It cannot be changed by a third-party. Whenever there is conflict, everyone can rely on the record and that’s why we chose blockchain.”

The immutable technology works as a single source of truth that all parties can rely on. By referring to the ledger, there is no time and effort being wasted on back-and-forth communications and projects can run smoothly.

The blockchain technology on a platform like HKDecoman is a transferrable solution that can help other businesses resolve delays and help matters move along at a smoother pace.

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