Explore new property listings in real time with PropertyGuru Lens

PropertyGuru Group, a Singaporean online property portal company has launched PropertyGuru Lens on the 31st of January 2019. It is powered by Augmented Reality (AR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Geolocational data and the Group’s proprietary data. PropertyGuru Lens is the first visual search solution for the property sector in Southeast Asia.

PropertyGuru Lens aims to redefine the future of property search. PropertyGuru Lens basically turns your smartphone camera from a passive tool that only functions to capture pictures and videos to one that’s allowing you to interact with the buildings in your camera’s viewfinder.

PropertyGuru Group Chief Executive and Product Officer Hari V Krishnan, said, “PropertyGuru has been making big bets on technologies like AI, AR, and Virtual Reality (VR) and we’ve been passionately working to connect different technologies to re-imagine property discovery for everyone.”

PropertyGuru Lens, which is now in its beta testing phase, is useful for property seekers who don’t know the name or the spelling of the property they are interested in. Discovering listings immediately in the neighboring vicinity in your desired area has never been easier.

Hari elaborated, “PropertyGuru Lens will effectively turn your Smartphone camera into a real-world search device. Focus the camera on any residential building and the underlying technology analyses and interprets residential building images in your line of sight and brings up property listings of units that are available for purchase and rent – all in real-time.”

He continued, “The concept of PropertyGuru Lens was inspired by several factors: 1) Our consumer research reveals that users increasingly see property search as a mobile experience; 2) We recognise cameras are one of the most important features of any Smartphone today; 3) We believe that the future of property discovery must be a visual experience, rather than one involving the mastery of the keyboard.”

PropertyGuru Lens plans to steadily expand the beta testing to its wider community of users later this year. It is expected to benefit from the resulting volume of crowd sourced user feedback and recommendations.

PropertyGuru Lens will be first made available on PropertyGuru Singapore’s iOS mobile app.

The company is considering rolling out this solution to its Android mobile app in Singapore and evaluating how to bring PropertyGuru Lens to its other markets which are Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand in the future.

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