Helpling: Pioneer of e-commerce housekeeping services in Singapore


Helpling, a Singapore online marketplace for home services, has partnered up with OrangeTee & Tie, one of Singapore’s largest real estate agencies, to transform the way property agents and their clients’ book and experience housekeeping services.

Through this partnership, Helpling will get access to a network of more than 4,000 property agents who will help realise OrangeTee & Tie’s vision of bringing technology-driven home services to every household in Singapore.

James Lim, managing director Asia Pacific Helpling says, “Traditional agencies are looking to attract customers who will never pass the door of their agencies. This partnership automatically sets Helpling as a digital disruptor in a nascent and previously overlooked sector.”

With a strong number of property agents on their side, Helpling is definitely strengthening its position in the e-commerce sector of services. The platform is able to manage their clients and employees online through the scheduling system, payments and automatic invoicing. The use of technology in their line of service has simplified the process of booking, experiencing and paying for home cleaning services.

OrangeTee & Tie agents can book professional housekeepers with the help from Helpling via OrangeTee’s Agent App. It is of utmost importance to have a clean and well-maintained home during a house viewing as it is more likely to persuade the potential clients’ to purchase a property.

OrangeTee & Tie managing director Steven Tan, said, “We believe that on-demand housekeeping services are the up and coming trend due to the decreasing size of new homes and low demand for stay-in domestic helpers. As such, it is important that our agents are provided with a seamless experience of booking home cleaning services for their clients.”

Helpling was founded in 2014 by Benedikt Franke and Philip Huffmann. The company currently offers its services globally to nine different countries; Singapore, Australia, Germany, Italy, France, Ireland, UK, UAE and the Netherlands.

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