The App That Will Change the Way We Rent Property

When Uber first came out, many coveted it as a revolutionary product thanks to the easy and innovative way it was able to connect consumers to driver; in other words it was a new type of on demand taxi service. It gave people the ability to commute from anywhere to anyplace as long as they had a smart device and an internet connection.

Now a new app has emerged in the U.K. that aims to make renting real estate as simple as using Uber, and that app is called Goodlord.

Goodlord is a U.K. startup which has built a platform that aims to make renting through agents an easier and more efficient process. They have achieved this through handling the paperwork associated with renting, such as processing contracts, references and payments through their app. With this, they aim to reduce the time it takes to rent a property.

The app was co-created by former Foxtons estate agent Richard White. He said, “when I was working in the lettings industry I was staggered by how inefficient the processes were. People were still using fax machines and tenants were being asked to print and scan documents.”

With Goodlord, all the necessary documents may be uploaded and e-signed by an agent and prospective tenant via the app.

Goodlord’s app is designed to support all the stakeholders involved, which includes the agents, the landlords and of course, the tenants. It allows agents to “digitize” the entire process.

Currently, Goodlord is being used by 200 property letting agencies across the UK and aims to be working with 10 per cent of the country’s agents by the end of the year.

So what does this mean for the property renting market on a global aspect? Let us once again bring your attention to Uber. When it was first officially launched in 2011, the app was exclusive to the city of San Francisco in the United States. Today it is a global phenomenon used by millions of people across the world. Why? Because of the great service it provides and its user-friendly interface.

Right now, Goodlord is in the same position that Uber was back then. They provide a service that makes the entire renting process faster and easier. As of right now it is exclusive to the UK; however, their service shows great potential and may be implemented in countries across the world. There is a good chance that Goodlord or a service similar to it will jump over the border and spread to the four corners of the world like wildfire, so keep your ears to the ground and be ready for some great opportunities in the future.