6 Automation Tools You Should Use For Real Estate Marketing

The real estate industry is a competitive market, so keeping the upper hand requires consistent improvements. We all give our utmost to stay on top; however, there are only so many hours in a day, and marketing is a time-consuming process. Now it doesn’t have to be that way, thanks to the advancements in technology. There are many marketing automation tools that can do much of the work for you, giving consistent leads and helping you reach a wider audience.

In this article, we will discuss 6 such automation tools that are a true boon to real estate marketing.

  1. Social Media

    Billions of people use social media every day; this, of course, includes businesses. Nowadays, every business has their own Social Media account, and maintaining a good account is time-consuming. You need to share engaging and relevant content on various platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and more. You also need to take time to find trending topics and post them during peak hours.

    By automating your social media, you can plan ahead of time and schedule your updates on all your social media channels. Strategizing and posting during peak hours also becomes much easier as you can now focus your attention on finding and creating relevant content while leaving posting to the automation feature.




    By Dacostario (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

  2. Your Website

    Today, every successful business needs its own website. A well-designed market-oriented website can catapult your business forward. Around 92% of home buyers nowadays use the internet during the home buying process. A website can help leverage local searches and can allow home buyers to easily seek out and find agents and/or properties.

    A good website will help you attract prospects and allow you to efficiently garner high-quality leads. What’s more, if you automate the contact process, that is, make a page where clients can leave a message or communicate directly, it will help you create a database of for future clients.



  3. Email Newsletters

    Making and sending e-newsletters to people who subscribe to your website, lets you nurture relationships with potential clients and ensures regular contact with them. It can also elevate your status as an expert in the field. Automating these newsletters allows you to manage contacts and schedule your emails in advance.

    After you have set up a template, updating your content becomes easier and allows you to reach your audience regularly and in a more intimate fashion.


  4. Blog

    Blogging content about engaging topics that relate to real estate makes a huge impact on your website’s SEO; it also provides you with content that you can share on your social media channels as well as your newsletters.

    Your blog posts do not need to be long and complicated, as long as you cover relevant topics, write your post in engaging language, and use aesthetic pictures, you can engage your audience and have them coming to you for more.

    If you do not have the time to write the post yourself then you can hire a professional writer, give them a general idea of what type of post you want to write and let them craft the content for you.

    This is not automation in the traditional sense; however, it helps support the other tools and can go long way into helping you achieve your marketing objectives.


  5. Text Messages

    Portable devices like smartphones are now a staple of everyday life and are here to stay. Almost everyone has at least one portable device on them at all times and because of this, text messages are an effective way to reach your audience with a short message that they will most definitely see. You can make them feel special by keeping them apprised of your new listings and deals. Just listed a home in a highly sought-after neighbourhood? Send a quick text to your clients. Chances are that they will text back almost immediately asking when they can view the property!





  6. Home Value Reports

    Home or property value reports are also something that prospective buyers and investors are interested in which you can share via email or on your website.

    When you are trying to find a home to sell, informing people in an area about the potential value of their home can give them an incentive to sell, especially if that value is predicted to go up in the future. It also helps position yourself as an area expert that people may call and refer to for expert advice.




  7. Bonus Point: Lead Follow-up

    A big advantage of having a website is the ability to turn visitors into leads. However, constantly following up on every new visitor is tedious and time-consuming.

    Instead, why not automate the process by setting up an automated email response for every visitor who subscribes, which educates them and provides useful information. It will help build a relationship with them, have them feel heard, as well as enticing them to come to you when they are searching for properties to invest in.






As we said before, automation tools are a true boon to marketing. They aid us by giving us the competitive edge needed to stay ahead in the market, while changing the way we approach it altogether. Keep yourself up-to-date with the latest technology and stay ahead of the curve.