How Real Estate Agents Will Benefit From Cloud Computing

How many of you have heard the term “The Cloud”? It is a term which is often used when you talk about cloud computing.

Cloud computing is a type of technology which relies on sharing computer resources via the internet. Basically, cloud computing is the term used to describe when different services such as servers, storage and applications are delivered to an organisation’s computers and devices through the internet. “The Cloud” is a metaphor which refers to the internet.

“The Cloud” has been creating a stir in the business world and real estate is no exception. Cloud computing allows an organisation the ability to manage all of their technology over the Internet. This means that they can be anywhere in the world and still be able to manage their technology as long as they have internet available. This includes networking components as well as mail, productivity tools and enterprise software as well as storage. Companies can perform backups, and store documents and data via the cloud.

Cloud computing provides companies and individuals a number of significant benefits, which include:

Reduction of cost

When it comes to cloud computing, the service provider will administer the entire infrastructure, including network and software updates. Users will have immediate online access to the databases through the application software. As you will be using a third party, you will save money on IT products and services, such as:

  • Installing and maintaining in-house servers.
  • Constant internet connection.
  • Maintenance of in-house servers and internet.
  • Updating software on a regular basis.
  1. The cost is also kept low thanks to the shared nature of cloud computing.


    The cloud is a scalable type of technology, which means a company or individual may only use the resources they need. For example, let’s say a particular development requires more estate agents to work on it and they now require access to all the information regarding that property.  With cloud computing, a company may simply get more subscriptions for the application or make that particular information shareable amongst those agents. They can downscale when needed.



    Independence of Devices

    You can access the cloud on almost any device such as a desktop, smartphone or tablet, as long as that device has access to the internet. Thanks to the portable nature of technology today, and their ability to connect to the internet almost anywhere, clients can access all the information they need, wherever they are. What’s more, in the event that the company needs to change locations, they need not worry about the transportation of their data; only the devices they use.




    Security is a major issue when it comes to the data of a company. After all, you do not want your data to be accessible to just anyone. As such, cloud providers incorporate the highest security protocols in order to protect their clients. The bottom line is that cloud security today is much better than most company firewalls.




    Ability to recover data and business continuity

    Cloud providers have a responsibility towards their clients to provide them with a safe place they can store their information and back it up in case of an emergency. Therefore, providers make sure that their systems are backed up to multiple deployment points so that you do not have to worry about losing any of your data. It also provides the advantage of you being able to back up on your own information at any time. If something happens to your company’s devices, you can recover all of your information from the cloud again.



Cloud computing allows companies access to computing power that they could not have access before. In addition, the ability of brokers and property managers to be able to access information anywhere is invaluable. Real estate enterprises can benefit greatly thanks to the cloud and cloud computing, which is why these organisations should take a close look at using this platform, as it is already making a real difference to industry players everywhere.