6 Things To Know About Augmented Reality And Real Estate

With each passing day, real estate and technology are growing closer and closer together. Augmented reality and Virtual reality are sliding into the property industry faster and easier than most other forms of technology. Soon Augmented Reality (AR) will become a necessity for agents, to sell their prospects to their clients. Naturally, as with all things new, this has brought about a disruption with people asking what they can expect from AR and how much it will affect the industry. In this article we will be answering those very questions; let us now discuss the six things you need to know about AR and Real estate.

  1. AR Will Complement Certain Processes In The Industry

    AR may never completely replace processes such as traditional modelling and infrastructure design; however it can become a complementary component for certain operations. One such development would be the home staging process. A prospective client could go to an empty apartment and with the aid of AR gear, can see what the apartment will look like with virtual fixtures.




  2. AR Will Benefit Renters And Buyers

    AR will be beneficial to both renters and buyers, as it will help them visualise what a place will look like with or without particular furnishing or fittings. This eliminates the need to furnish a property during showings and the viewer may change the type of virtual furnishing in a property so that they can visualise what it will look like if they use a different type of table, chair, wall-paper, lighting or sofa.








  3. It Is More Accessible Than You Think

    Like Virtual Reality, AR Technology has been there for a long time; even if the hardware is expensive, it is still available. Content on the other hand has been behind and for the most part has been implemented for the gaming industry and recreational purposes. Over the past few years, we have seen a shift, and now AR has a more mainstream use. As companies such as Apple and Google have begun implementing AR capabilities into smartphones, AR and VR can now be carried around in our pockets. As such, AR technology is now much more accessible and cost effective.



  4. It Will Become A Necessary Platform

    As we mentioned in our previous points, AR technology is now widely available when compared to a few years ago. Many companies and app developers are already implementing AR into their products and the public is expecting others to follow and make AR even more widespread. It is not a question of whether AR will become necessary, but when it will become necessary. Real estate professionals will need to understand and implement AR into their business practices or risk being overtaken by their competitors.


  5. It Will Save Agents and Clients Time

    They won’t need to spend time viewing everything; they can get the idea of what it will look like instantly.

    One change that agents have to look forward to with AR is a seamless and easy home showing process. Because of AR, a client will be able to view a house without having to actually visit it. Imagine being able to get a three-dimensional view of a house from a picture in a magazine or having the tool to view several different houses in the same location. This is made possible thanks to AR.



  6. It Won’t Replace Real Estate Jobs

    A fear that many professionals have is that this new technology will replace their jobs; however that is not the case. In fact, AR is predicted to make real estate professionals more successful and efficient at their jobs. AR has the potential to allow real estate professionals to provide a unique and more personally catered experience to their clients.



Technology is moving at tremendous speeds, improving our lives in ways we were not even aware of. AR is no different, the applications of this technology is practically infinite. By finding out more about what this technology can do, you will be able to discover alternative ways that it can aid you. So keep your ears on the ground and ready yourself for what this, and other technologies can do for you.