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“Driving Digital Innovation in Real Estate”

Asia Development & Property Technology (ADAPT) Ventures aims to develop the PropTech scene in Asia by bringing the latest technological solutions to Asia’s ever growing property industry in line with the government’s effort to establish smart cities by 2020. Proudly part of the billion dollar PropTech revolution, ADAPT aims at improving quality of life and enhancing the livelihood of homeowners while providing cutting edge solutions without losing the human touch.

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Our Lead Initiatives

ADAPT Ecosystem

Through our constant work in mapping proptech startups in Asia, we help to form partnerships with various stakeholders in order to build towards the development of Asia’s Smart Cities.

ADAPT Accelerator

In order to develop outstanding talents within the property sector, ADAPT through IQI Global and WTF Accelerator launched Asia’s first proptech-focused accelerator.

ADAPT Research

In collaboration with various leading property influencers in Asia, ADAPT aims to provide research & reports that will be of help to all stakeholders in their consideration of being part of the proptech revolution.

ADAPT-ive Hub

Our community plays a huge role in increasing awareness about proptech, hence we are leading hubs that could lead property players in their experimental approach towards adopting proptech into their business with solid facts and proven experience.

Our Collective Objective

ADAPT’s main objectives are to increase volume of investment in technology for property, increase inclusivity of all sectors within the industry and last but not least, create a positively disruptive impact in the real estate industry that will revolutionise the way we buy and sell property. Ultimately, ADAPT aims to play a colossal role in aiding the development of Asia’s property front through technology.

Announcements & Proptech News

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Our Mentors

Daniel Ho, Group Managing Director of IQI Holdings

Kashif Ansari, Group CEO of IQI Holdings

Industry-defining Partners